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Why people love Advance™

“Our afghans have always been known and admired for their healthy silky flowing coats...a testament to their conditioning by ADVANCE™ products that we use and recommend.

The coat condition on an Afghan shows on the outside, what is happening on the inside.

We use a wide range of ADVANCE™ products from weaning baby puppies to fast growing youngsters and into top conditioned adults!”

Kerin & Rachel HutchingsSULIMAN Afghan Hounds

"I have owned and exhibited Cavaliers for the past 15 years. Always feeding ADVANCE™ products, my personal favorite is the ADVANCE™ Adult Small Breed Turkey Dry Food.

It’s the perfect size biscuit for Toy breeds. I’m frequently getting compliments from peers, judges and strangers on the dogs looking fabulous with shiny bright white coats. When asked what I do, my response is always 'The outside always reflects what you feed them'."

Jen MarchantCavalier King Charles Spaniels