The Best Type of Dog Food to Keep your Pet Happy and Healthy

Best types of dog food



If you’re wondering what types of food to give your dog to keep them happy and healthy, start by looking into their health needs, as well as what stage of life they are at. It’s good to know that the nutritional needs of your dog will change throughout their life. The best type of food for your dog is made from quality ingredients, and has been scientifically formulated for their species, life stage and lifestyle requirements. When dogs receive all the essential nutrition they need for their age and breed, they will keep fit and healthy.


My dog has no specific health concerns, what should I feed them?

If your dog has no specific health concerns, you can choose a diet based on their life stage. ADVANCE™ pet food has diets for growing puppies as well as adult and senior dogs. All ADVANCE™ wet and dry diets provide complete and balanced nutrition plus carefully selected active ingredients. For example, ADVANCE™ growth diets contain Omega 3 DHA and Choline which help support healthy brain and vision development, to help encourage learning.


What’s the best dog food for my puppy?

For puppies, choose an ADVANCE™ Growth diet based on your puppy’s expected adult body weight:

The age at which a puppy can transition to an adult diet depends on their breed size. This is also the case for the transition from an adult to a senior diet, to support healthy ageing. 


My dog has a health concern, what should I do?

Some dogs have specific health concerns and need a specific diet to be happy and healthy. ADVANCE™ pet food makes a range of specific needs diets that contain specially chosen active ingredients, providing complete and balanced nutrition for dogs. If you’re concerned about your dog’s joint health for example, the ADVANCE™ Mobility diets provide enhanced levels of bone and joint nutrients, as well as L-Carnitine which helps encourage a healthy body weight. It also contains Freeze Dried Green Lipped Mussel Powder which is clinically proven to help manage joint health in dogs.


Should I match my dog’s diet to their breed type?

If you’re a dog parent who prefers to match your dog’s diet to their breed type, you’re not alone. This is a popular way to ensure your dog is receiving all the right nutrition. If your dog is an Oodle (Poodle cross), Retriever, Shepherd, Terrier or Maltese Cross then choose a diet from the ADVANCE™ Breed Groups range. These products offer nutrition that caters for breed needs, such as the ADVANCE™ Small Oodles diet which supports skin, heart, and dental health.


Should I feed my dog dry or wet food?

Both dry and wet food offer their own feeding advantages. Dry food encourages a pet to chew their food which may provide dental health benefits. While wet food has a higher moisture content which helps promote urinary tract health. Mixed feeding is also a good choice. Feeding both dry and wet food together can give dogs a broader range of benefits, providing aroma, flavour, and texture variety which many pets enjoy.

So when you are deciding what types of food to give your dog to keep them happy and healthy, remember nutrition is not a “one size fits all dogs approach”. By understanding your dog’s life stage, lifestyle, and any specific needs, you can choose a diet that will provide all the essential nutrients they need to thrive.


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